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Croatian Nursing Council

Croatian Nursing Council


FEPI members


Dragica Šimunec

President : Dragica Šimunec



Zagreb 10000
Maksimirska 111/2

Anastazija Soric Uranic
Contact person
Phone: + 385 1 2444 300
Fax: +385 1 2444 306

The Croatian Nursing Council (CNC) was established in 2003 upon the Health Care Act and Nursing Act in order to serve and protect the public, regulate the nursing profession and derive their two major policy-making modalities by rule making and adjudication. Today, with its 30.000 members, it is the largest group of health professionals in Croatia. 

The Council holds the following public authorities: maintains a register of qualified nurses and midwifes, issues, renews and withdraws licenses and conducts professional supervision.

The Croatian Nursing Council is established in order to protect the citizens and patients by ensuring that nurses provide high standards of care to their patients and clients. The Council protects also all nurses registered within the national register, ensuring continuous education with the goal to renew and obtain new knowledge and skills and with opening opportunities for advance education through standards. Around two percent of registered nurses come from outside Croatia.

All activities of the council ensure patient protection and at same time raise nurses’ status with defining competences and responsibilities. Our main goal is to serve and protect the public and ensure high satisfaction of members. Our leading idea is that Croatian Nursing Council represents power for equality of Croatian nursing.