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HRBN (Hellenic Regulatory Board of Nurses)

HRBN (Hellenic Regulatory Board of Nurses)


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Dimitri Skoutelis

President : Dimitri Skoutelis



Athens 10676
Sofias 47


The Hellenic Regulatory Board of Nurses is a self managed competent authority for nurses in Greece. The board was established in 2004 under Greek public law 3252/04.
The internal organisation of the HRBN is managed through legislative provisions of lawful
acts. These are published based on legislative authorisation by the Hellenic government,
or by the collective body that manages the competent authority itself whose decisions are
approved by the Minister of Health.
The aims of HRBN are to protect the public through the promotion of nurses` professional
practice. The Board holds the register and is responsible for licensing and disciplinary proce-
The Board is governed by a Temporary Executive Committee of 15 members (all of whom are
The HRBN follows recognition process for nursing in collaboration with the Hellenic National
Academic Recognition and Information Centre (NARIC).