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IPASVI (Federazione Nationale Collegi Infermieri)

IPASVI (Federazione Nationale Collegi Infermieri)


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Annalisa Silvestro

President : Annalisa Silvestro



Roma 00184
Via Agostino Depretis 70

La Federazione dei Collegi Ipasvi is the body that represents nursing on a national basis. It coordinates its Provincial Colleges, which hold the registry of the nurses. The register exists since 1945. Nurses may practice only if they are registered. The local and national executive boards are elected every three years.

According to the law, the Provincial Colleges have both an external and internal aim. The first aim is the protection of the public, who has the right, in agreement with the Italian Constitution, to receive healthcare services provided by qualified personnel, with a specific qualifying title, without pending lawsuits, etc.

The second aim is for the registered nurses, whose professionalism has to be guaranteed by the Provincial Colleges, through discipline, by opposing to abusiveness, checking that the deontological code is respected, being sure that the price list of the nursing services is respected, supporting the cultural growth of registered nurses, providing information and supporting good professional practice.

IPASVI is non-profit organisation. All activities are financed by the registration fees, which each College fixes according to its operating costs. Each candidate in order to practice the nursing profession has to obtain nursing education which is organised in the five level system.