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Order of Nurses and Midwifes of Romania

Order of Nurses and Midwifes of Romania


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Mircea Timofte

President : Mircea Timofte



Strada Ing. Zablovschi, nr.76, sector 1

The Order of Nurses and Midwives in Romania, OAMMR, counts 122.000 members. OAMMR is the only organisation in Romania founded on the basis of a law, Law 307/2004, which represents the professional requirements of nurses and midwives throughout Romania.

Through these laws the Order defined for the first time in this country the status of the professions of nurse and midwife. The Law 307/2004 was formulated by representatives of OAMMR and of certain ministries as well as by representatives of The European Union. 

The OAMMR is a professional jurisdiction organism, the sole Romanian organisation in this field that has the right to monitor professional errors made by nurses and midwives in Romania. OAMMR also elaborated the first Code of Ethics and Deontology of the nurses and midwives in Romania, approved by our Ministry of Health.

Law 307/2004 also states that OAMMR is the Romanian competent authority, along with the Ministry of Health, for elaboration of legislative acts regarding the professions of nurse and midwife, documents that are related to organising professional courses as well as establishing the norms and standards for practice.