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Ordre National des Infirmiers

Ordre National des Infirmiers


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Didier Borniche

President : Didier Borniche



75010 Paris
228, rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
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ONI performs many tasks prescribed by french law :

1 - It controls access to the profession. Checking, during the registration, that "the conditions of competence, ethics and independence " required by law for this profession are met .

2 - It keeps the ethical principles necessary to perform the art of nursing, set out in the code of conduct prepared by the National Council. In this capacity, it advises and supports nurses in case of ethical problem in their exercise. Its disciplinary chambers judge and punish any breaches of ethics .

3 - It seeks to develop the competence of nurses in the context of their obligation to " continuing professional development " . In particular, in coordination with the High Health Authority.It participated in the dissemination of good practice guidelines and organizes the evaluation of these practices.

4 - It helps to promote public health and quality of care.

5 - He defends the honor and independence of the nursing profession. It can, in all courts, exercises the rights of a civil party in relation to acts directly or indirectly to prejudice the profession .

6 - It can reconcile disputes between a patient and a nurse or between nurses.

7 - It promotes the profession.

8 - It examines issues and projects submitted by the Minister of Health on the practice of the nursing profession. It thus contributes by its opinions and proposals to the relevance of texts relating to the profession.

9 - It participates in monitoring the demographics of the nursing profession and the production of homogeneous statistics. It examines the evolution of prospective staff nurses in relation to health needs, to anticipate the answers to them.

10 - It can organize all relief agencies and retirement benefit nurses enrolled in the painting and their dependents.

11 - It ensures the representation of the profession in the context of these missions.