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UISH (Urdheri I Infermierev)

UISH (Urdheri I Infermierev)


FEPI members


Sabri Skenderi

President : Sabri Skenderi



Rr. Reshit Petrela, tek Dispanceria, kati II-të

College of Nurses of Albania mission is to maintain the standards approved by the Minister of Health. Assuring good nursing and midwife practice through supervision and  respect of ethical standards contained in the Code of conducts.

To fulfill this mission, College of Nursing :

  • Held a register of nurses and midwives
  • It oversees the implementation of professional activities in accordance with the requirement of medical science, ethics and Code of conducts
  • It provides leadership and deontological ethics to nurses and midwives. 
  • It protects the interests of patiens and the public from the misuse of medecine and violation of Code of conducts, ethics, ...
  • It collaborates in the development of professional standards for the planning and the design of training programs for the realization of various specialties and the training of midwives or nurses. 
  • It confirms membership to the College of Nurses of Albanoa through the issuance of a certificate of membership