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Meetings with MEPs Cristian Busoi and Claudiu-Ciprian Tanasescu

The 4th and 5th of November 2014 Mr. Mircea Timofte, President of the Regulatory Body Order of Nurses and Midwives Romania (OAMGMAMR) and Vice-president of FEPI had the opportunity to meet in Brussels with Romanian MEPs, Messrs. Cristian Busoi and Claudiu-Ciprian Tanasescu seating in the Environment, Public Health and food Safety Committee of the European.

Mr Timofte invited Prof. Koutroubas to attend the meeting with Mr Tanasescu a physician by profession, in order to inform him in detail on the vision of FEPI on the EP’s potential role on healthcare during the period 2014-2019.

Vice-president Timofte and Prof. Koutroubas also tried to raise awareness on the vital role of the Nursing profession for public health and patient safety EU-wide. Strengthening nursing regulation was another topic of these meetings.

At the end of the meetings both MEPs promised to assist FEPI’s future actions within the European Parliament. 

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